My Story

Leena Althekair is a Saudi teen author, born in Jeddah. Her passion for writing bloomed when she was nine, and had only grown stronger as the days wore on. She has spoken at the National Cultural Forum in 2017 and has given multiple motivational speeches at her school, as well as left her mark off-campus.


She likes to spend her time fangirling by day and reading books at night. Sometimes she doesn't get any sleep, but that's okay because that's what a good book does. (She does end up regretting it, but you know, it's fine.)​ She loves how writing gives her the reins of a story all her own, in a world where it is a blank canvas and her words are the brush.

She values family time a lot and makes time for her friends (who are her source of inspiration and enthusiasm.)​ She currently lives with her parents, grandma, and two sisters (whom she has to regularly babysit). She enjoys writing, painting, and sketching in her free time, if she's not too busy with her nose buried in a book. Maybe, if you're quiet enough, you'll catch her under a duvet, binge-watching Netflix on a regular basis.

Her debut novel, Foreshadow, is published, earning her the title of "Youngest Saudi English Language Author". Her lifelong dream - as short as her life is - has become a reality.

Rotana Khalleejia

Leena's first on-air interview in early 2018 regarding the writing process and publication of Foreshadow.

Inspirational Stage

Leena's participation in the Makkah Cultural Forum, sharing her story of inspiration, hard work, and success.