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New Year, New Me: 7 simple things you can do this year.

January 22, 2018

Okay, so what if it's the end of January? We're all still getting used to the idea of 2018. Which means "resolutions" and "new me"s are all around, right?


Except for me. *sigh* I have a sort-of mental resolution list but frankly, I don't even think about it much. It didn't even occur to me to think of resolutions until I saw all those memes on Instagram.


Anyways, whatever your new year's resolutions are (even if you have none, like me) there are a few things we should all put in mind. Not necessarily at the start of a new year. Start now. If you forget, start when you do remember, whether it be February, April, or July. Changing yourself doesn't have a set time, so start when you can.


1. Exercise.
An important aspect of daily life is working out, whether you want to knock off a few kilos or not. Keeping your blood in healthy circulation and helping oxygen get to your brain are just a few of the things you need exercise for. Just a 30-minute walk everyday should do the trick.


2. Be kind.

Okay, so this one may seem a little vague, but being kind is really important. Get used to lending a hand if someone needs it. Keep in mind to give compliments to people. If you like the scarf that girl is wearing on the subway to work, tell her. If you like the cashier's shirt at H&M, tell him. You never know the massive effect it might have, and all it takes from you is a "Hey! I love your shoes, by the way!"


3. Family.

Visit your relatives. Just an hour-long visit to reconnect once a month or two. Talk with your parents. Call your grandparents, aunts, uncles; just let them know you miss them. (Even if you don't; it's worth making them smile, isn't it?)


4. Set goals.

What do you want to achieve this month? This week? Today? Setting goals is important to reach what you want to, so write them down and hang them where you can see 'em. Writing lists is a helpful tool, as well as DIYed bulletin boards or writing on your mirror with a board marker. The more specified they are, the easier it is to get to them.


5. Be an optimist.

A thing so many people around me do is complain. About what? Everything. The economy, the weather, homework, our city, their clothes, lunch, I could go on. I'm not saying not to improve, I'm saying ... learn to see the good side of things. Under pressure? Take a deep breath and arrange your time. Got a problem? Sit down and think it through. Things get bad, and sometimes you screw up, but that doesn't mean it's all bad. Face life with a smile, even if it's fake. (As the saying goes, fake it 'till you make it!)


6. Have some "me time".

Take some time off to relax. Not necessarily yoga, though. have a spa day. Treat yourself once a month. Grow closer to God. Read a book. We all need a little downtime every once in a while. Even if you're a teen like me. No, ESPECIALLY if you're a teen like me. School is stressful; no joke. Don't listen to grown ups who say you're "too young to be tired" and go get that well-deserved break. (If you procrastinate half of the time though then sorry, mate. I'm not on your side anymore.)


7. Make your OWN resolutions.

These are a few we can all relate to, but DO write down and follow your own resolutions. Maybe quitting an old habit? Procrastinating less? Ending relationships with toxic people? Whatever it is, make sure you WRITE IT DOWN and do it!


Change begins when you decide it to, so get out there and make 2018 your year; and every year after that. Why? Because you can.






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©2018 by Leena Althekair.