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Foreshadow is officially a published book!

March 31, 2018


First off, allow me to apologize for the late, LATE post. I will admit, I had mid-terms (ugh), then I was procrastinating, but now I'm back! (after 20 days wow)


Back to our topic - Foreshadow. It's been a while since I updated you guys on it, isn't it?


Wait - I have to have some visual media for you to look at. Before we begin, feast your eyes on these precious beans and d'awww to your heart's content.



Got your load of cuteness? Great, now back to news.


ANNOUNCEMENT 1: My friend accidentally stumbled over Barnes&Noble and found Foreshadow. Yes, it's on B&N too! Not gonna lie, I screamed like a little girl when I found out. If you still don't have your copy of it yet, head on there or Amazon if you prefer!


ANNOUNCEMENT 2: I held a poll on my Instagram story a few days ago and most of you guys voted paperback, but a 36% preferred ebooks. So, for your satisfaction, I'm releasing the ebook version of Foreshadow: Trapped in Her Own Mind on Amazon Kindle! Keep an eye on there, because as soon as April comes over you'll be able to get the e-version of my debut.


ANNOUNCEMENT 3: I've been waiting to distribute Foreshadow in Jeddah for a long time now, and looks like there's nothing in the near sight, HOWEVER, I'm trying to put together something with my dad so I can distribute it. If you have any suggestions on a bookstore or mall that might be fit for the job my DMs are always open, along with my email - it's at the top of the page.


ANNOUNCEMENT 4: I'm already distributing the books in MJIS (my school), so if you're there let me know so I can get you a copy. HOWEVER, if you do not attend MJIS but live in Jeddah, give me your name via DM or this form. I have a limited quantity and I'm running out fast! So let me know before we run out.


One last thing: remember to review and rate the novel on Goodreads so other bookworms like us can have your opinion on Foreshadow.



That's all for now! For those of you who have the book, tell me what you think! For those of you who don't, I can't wait for you guys to get it!


Oh, and I'll try to post every week from now on ... XD


Comment, like and share, and don't forget to stay positive. (Book recommendations coming tomorrow - stay tuned!)





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