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Monthly Book Recommendations: April 2018

March 31, 2018


Aaand we're 4 months into 2018. How did these months fly by so fast? God knows.


ALRIGHT, here you go guys, my top 3 books for this month:

1- Malcolm X



I'm not a fan of autobiographies because I find them boring, but Malcom X's story is so much talked about that I was curious to find out what all the hubbub is about - and I didn't regret it.


In it, Malcom X tells us about his story. How grew up with ten siblings in a crowded house with his conflicting parents, poor and overpowered by the Lansing cops. How he then moved to live with his step-sister and got a "conk". How he moved to Harlem, NY after that and descended into the world of drug-dealing and got sent to jail three years later. How he got educated in jail and converted to Islam.


A story that touches the heart in every way. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride about a man who, I quote, "didn't let anyone tell him who or what he was". Worth the read. After all, he wasn't called the "angriest black man in America" for nothing.


I'd say recommended for ages 14 and over, due to some mentions of adult content inside. Check out the reviews on Goodreads. He was (SPOILER!) murdered in 1965 so I can't provide a link to his site ... 

2- Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals



I was a bit reluctant in reading it at first, because its description gave me the feeling of a fourth grade book. And boy what a shock I got when I read it! Turns out it's for ages 12 and over, so if you are 12 and over, buy it for the love of reading.


Elle Burton is a girl just turned 10, when a fairy-like creature called a "Fiorin" bumps into her. Turns out these beings protect children from birth and until they turn eight, steering all evil out of their way when they can. Elle is put in charge of helping them as a "guide", and a part of her job, she has to save her friend from her abusive father and rescue the old widows from the money-stealing Mr. Vicker in town.


It raised my blood pressure. It had me on my toes. I had to hold my breath so many times throughout. A masterpiece I never expected for a middle grade novel. If you're into suspense and a little magic, this book is for you.


See the Goodreads reviews for yourself and you'll understand when I say that this book is an everlasting favorite. This book also gave me the pleasurable coincidence of getting to know @PeggyMcAloon, who is now a great friend of mine.


3- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens



Dad bought me this book when on a business trip and made me read it, and in all honesty, I wasn't thrilled. It looked like another one of those "guidance" books filled with boring instructions and text by an old man telling me how I'm doing it all wrong.


I had a pleasant surprise from page one. Sean had me hooked, and kept me until the very end. Full of cartoons (my favorite), graphs and stories from real teens worldwide. I applied the first habit, just the first one, and I saw a noticeable difference right away. If you're 14, read it. I promise it'll be good for you.


I spent my time reading it and highlighting along the way, a pencil in my hand too as I wrote down notes for myself as I reread and re-reread the book. It talks about how to "begin with the ending in mind", set goals and DO THEM, changing for the better, getting over roadblocks - everything. It is the ultimate guide for any teen who wants to balance school, family, friends, and ME TIME.


Have a look on Goodreads and shelf it as "want-to-read", because you will want to read it. Sean Covey delivers his point in a funny, relatable, easy-to-remember way and will change your life.

These were my favorites this month! And as always, keep reading guys. Seriously, reading opens so many doors it's impossible to get bored of it. I'll be updating you again next month with my top threes!


Comment which book you're most interested in, and I'll be back next week, loves.





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