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Monthly Book Recommendations: May 2018

May 5, 2018

Well boy am I late! (typical Leena, ugh)



In my defense though, I've started my finals last Wednesday, so I'm drowning in worksheets and study guides (don't blame me!) Anyway, I've only read a few new books last month (revision month at school), so I'm bringing back one book I read around February 2017 and that has really stuck onto my memory.


Let the book-commending commence! (Lame, I know.)

1. Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng



I would go hoarse telling you how amazing the book was. I started on page 137 while I was sitting in bed, willing myself to finish "just one chapter" and go to sleep. I ended up finishing all 338 pages and couldn't go to sleep after the awe-inspiring ending I just read. So safe to say; I got no sleep that night - and it was all WORTH IT and a whole lot more.

Izzy, the youngest Richardson, burned her family's house down; the most prestigious family in Shaker Heights. Shaker Heights is, in summary, an overly-planned, prim and proper, by-the-rules city that almost everything is expected and meticulously organized. That is, until Pearl Warren, and her mother, Mia Warren, move in and uncover a past nobody knew (or wanted to), and arouse problems in their beloved little city that nobody - surprise, surprise! - expected. (Side note - I loathe Elena. I'm ashamed we share a similar name.)


Celeste really, really did a fantastic job on the book. I could cry from how amazing my read was. Rating? Oh man, I'd say a million out of ten. Have a look on Goodreads, too, and check Celeste out @pronounced_ing on Twitter. So go ahead and buy or borrow it; it'll be the best money you spent anything on. (FOUR POINT TWO STARS OF FIVE; OH MAN IT DESERVES IT.)

2. Partners in Crime - Agatha Christie



If you're into crime and murder, you probably already know Agatha is the "Queen of Crime" - and rightfully so! This book was less of a mystery book (I recommend "The Sleeping Murder") and more of a short story compilation. However, if you're into a quick adventure (and a huge WAIT WHAT? at the end of every chapter) this is for sure the book you'd wanna pick up. If you're a writer and want to learn the outline of writing mysteries, like I am, this is the one too. It's like little stories in one big story that's all making me loose my mind.


So, Tommy and Tuppence are a married couple. Boring, old, married life. Still young, so why are they bored? When the chief asks them to take over a detection agency, they jump at the chance and vow to "solve any case within 24 hours". But with cases of anonymous murders and kidnappings, not to mention thefts and treason, can they really live up to their slogan?


Agatha is, sadly, dead, so I cannot provide any social links. However, check out the Goodreads reviews and you'll see what I mean when I say "jaw-droppingly good" - so good I made up a word for it.

3. Jacky Ha-Ha - James Patterson (and Chris Grabenstein)



Alright, James Patterson! Once again, fascinating me. I only read this book because my friend (shout out to my Sardine *winks*) was reading it and I got a little nosy. And I'm glad I was! I was on my toes, laughed a bit, frowned a bit, and felt every bit of betrayal Jacky did throughout the tale. Heart warming and gives you a sense of what it's really like to be a 12-year-old with her mom not around.


Jacky Hart has always been the class clown. Unfortunately, she's gotta deal with a bully who's always on her trail, a dad who always seems to be "at work", and a mom who's off serving in Saudi Arabia. Her new English teacher, Ms. O'Mara, helps her channel her inner clown into performing arts and helps her to take a step towards getting rid of her stutter as well. But can she do it, when she's in constant fear of her mom never returning, and her dad seemingly staying nights out with a stranger woman?


I loved this book so much. Probably not THE favorite, but definitely a memorable one. (The sequel was even better; "Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke".) Here's the Goodreads link, as well as James' and Chris' twitter accounts. If you're into a fun kind of book, this one's the one for you.

So, these are the books I loved for this month! (Summer starts on May 15th, and I'll be happily drowning in pages of new novels instead of books - squee!)


Comment which book you'd most likely read, and I'll be posting a post soon ... hopefully. (Give me a chance until finals end, alright? Alright!)




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