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June 19, 2018

I was gonna write 2016 for some reason KJHDFKJHBF.



Hello, my children! 

Before I begin anything, let me say - Eid Mubarak! I know I haven't posted in two weeks, but the last ten days of ramadan as well as Eid came by, and that's an opportunity not to miss.


Anyway, I have no particular posts in mind so I'll let you in on a few happenings of my life right now. (Apparently, blogs are personal online diaries? I'm supposed to tell you about my life ... which is considerably wild so that should be fun.)


ALRIGHT! Here I go - a shot at the stereotypical blog update ...

Um, I woke up at 9 AM by my dad because my baby sister woke up and was bothering my mom who had no sleep last night. I tool her and gave her all my stuffed toys (hey - don't judge) and her favorite toys, locked my bedroom door and fell asleep next to her on the floor, occasionally waking up to answer her gibberish questions.


She yawned once and YES! I gave her to mom and went to sleep. (I later found out that yawn meant nothing and my other sister had to wake up to take care of her ... hehehehe)

I then woke up at 3 PM (yes that's very late but to be fair I haven't slept well since the first of Eid!) and had a PB and honey sandwich for breakfast, and made my dad a protein shake. Don't ask me why this is relevant.


(Here's a stock image of a cheerful breakfast to contrast the sleepy one I had with dad.)



After that, I spent my time talking to one of my best friends, who had to hang up so I called my other best friend, who I discussed with my weird dreams (I like sharing my dreams don't ask why) and Discord stories for an hour before mom called me to help.


Helped do laundry then spent my time catching up TheFilmTheorists on YouTube. (I love MatPat I swear his videos are awesome. Could spend days watching them.)

Mom then surprised (more of shocked) me by saying grandma wanted us over because my cousins from Riyadh were over.


I took a long, warm shower and rearranged the shampoo shelf (what do you do when you shower? That's awkward, never mind don't answer that.) My #OOTD (did I say that correctly?) was a yellow, cherry-patterned top from Lefties and jeans (free advertising wow Leena).


I didn't do much in grandma's house except read a fanfic on my Kindle. I gave up on it though, it was so sad and dramatic and way out of character I just could NOT.



I read until we came home (say, around 12 AM. Yes, four hours reading. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend time.) I then came back to my good companion, my MacBook and caught up with Twitter before watching "Suing the School System" by Prince Ea once again. (STILL enrages me. Check out my tweet about it.)


Then watched a few more of his videos before realizing I hadn't updated my blog in a while. I came on here and this happened. My mom ordered paninis for us (I'M STARVING, THANK GOD) and I'm reading as I wait for lunch.

Well that was bad. I'm sorry, my life isn't as wild as I thought it was, LMAO. Maybe I should do an occasional dream entry. (Well, selective dreams. We all know I can't post every dream on here ...)


ALSO, it's my sister's birthday! (Happy 11th, baby sis. Enjoy your birthday panini.) Feel free to send her your birthday wishes on @j.althekair on Instagram :)


Here's another image to lighten your mood:



(Tag yourself I'm the kid in the blue hoodie.)

And until next time, my darlings! I promise next entry will either be a writing advice post, or a strongly worded entry about why we freaking need feminism and the inequality between men and women, and how society is, even if unconsciously, very sexist. Probably the second one.


And have a panini. Send me the bill.


Ha, just kidding, can't pay if I'm broke. Have a fun rest of your day :)




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