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Foreshadow Book Singing - Totally HAPPENING!

August 28, 2018

If you read it in a screaming tone, you are 100% correct - I SCREAMED!


If you live in Saudi Arabia and have been waiting for Foreshadow; NOW is your lucky day! (If you don't, stay tuned for a surprise I'll announce on my Instagram in a couple of weeks!)



Foreshadow is officially going to come to Virgin Megastores across the kingdom soon!


And now, for the HUGE news! *squee*


Those of you living in Jeddah are lucky as heck, cause I'm holding my very first BOOK SIGNING SESSION!



There's an Arabic one as well!



According to Virgin HQ, I'm the youngest author they ever will host a book signing for! How exciting is that?


Please be there! It'll be so awesome to finally meet you guys! And if you don't have a signed copy (or a copy at all) this is your chance! (I'm literally jumping in my seat you don't understand.)


So, make sure to tell EVERYONE you know - family, cousins, friends, neighbors; the bigger the turnout the better!


(Also, save the screenshot to post everywhere - spread the news!)


I can't wait to meet you!




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