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Monthly Book Recommendations: October 2018

October 2, 2018

Hey guys!


I have bad news, fellow bookworms ...



I had yet another bummer book month! I only read one good book (which I will recommend later on in this post) and I'm sad.


I was so excited to actually read a good book or two in September, but I think the synopsis I've been reading are a lot better than the books themselves xD Darn it, good promotion ...


Anyway, I am here to tell you - PLEASE give me book recs! Comment 'em all below (or DM them to me - works either way!)

I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson



Alrighty, this book is pretty much what the title says it is - a story about an overworked mom who struggles to balance between her mom life and work life.


It is a very entertaining and hilarious tale, capturing me with every word. One thing I wish I was told, though, was that it's a book for, well, moms. There was a lot I couldn't relate to (and it gave me an insight on parents' life) and I felt a bit weird at times, but it was enjoyable.


The beginning is great, but towards Part 3 it starts getting boring. Soon after Part 4 though it starts to get interesting again, and the ending is just, wow. Amazing. Made me feel upset I had finished reading it! (Gotta go look if there's a sequel now, ha!)


The Goodreads link is here, and the author's Twitter account here. I'd give the book an overall rating of ... four out of five. My main issue was, like I said, it being for moms rather than my age. (Still hilarious, though.)

Anyway, let's talk about my current read ... Sherlock Holmes!



After Tala told me all about how much of a huge fan she was, I thought "Hey, maybe it's time I tried reading the books."


So yes, it's basically exactly how I fell into the HP fandom, but who's counting?


I've started A Study in Scarlet - and so far I am SO enjoying it! Also, I cannot help but imagine Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock's character, despite the author describing Sherlock's appearance. I just cannot help it!

In conclusion-


No, wait, sounds like an essay ...


In the end, *sigh* it's been another sad book month (though Allison sure made up for it!) Remember to recommend some books for me!


(Please, for the love of reading, I beg of you. Yes I have 16 pending books in my library but still.)


And until next post :)




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