Foreshadow: Trapped in Her Own Mind

February, 2018

Meghan is about to take on her first year of high school. Like all freshmen out there, she’s looking forward to a year full of fun, best friends, and “movie perfect” days. Well, nearly perfect. Sprinkle in a sour teacher and new-student diva, and you have the full experience! But while she’s helping her brother in his physics lab, a nearly lethal experiment malfunction leaves its permanent mark on her. And the new school year doesn’t look so bright to her after all …

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"I bought the book courtesy of a young novelist, whom I thought had written some teen scrabbles ... I was surprised by the beauty and the smoothness of the story, and spontaneity and humor of the writer ..."


"It is an engrossing story to entertain teenagers who may be dealing with difficult issues ... Meghan’s journey will touch every reader’s heart with both joy and tears."

Peggy M. McAloon, author of the "Lessons from Fiori" series.

"It is an amazing novel that has incorporated many important things we all have experienced ... in our lives ... Such a beautiful way of writing that obviously indicates, even to those who do not read that much, that this author shows a great deal of potential."

M.H., Goodreads

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