Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web.

You were scrolling through the internet and somehow ended up on my blog. Was it a friend's suggestion? Was it on your Twitter feed? Was it accidental? However the method was, you ended up here, so hello!

I really have no idea what I should and shouldn't say on my first blog post, but here goes ... I'm Leena Althekair (obv) , Hufflepuff, passionate writer and a human being. (Not an alien form another planet or anything, heh. Completely, 100% human!)

You might be wondering what my blog is about. Well, that's just it. There's no particular topic, honestly. As a writer, I plan to share advice, personal experience, prompts, etc. As a sister and daughter, there will be posts to split your sides and life hacks to survive the household. As a student, I will share my studying tips and tricks, not to mention tales from my not-so-glamorous school life.

The main reason I set up this blog you are currently reading is because there is so much I want to get out there; so many thoughts and ideas I want to share with the world - as cheesy as that line sounds. The original idea was to run a YouTube channel, but A) I'm too ugly for the camera, and B) I don't do "filming" and "editing". Too much work and I'm too lazy for that. Besides, I love writing. Excellent solution, right?

I guess that's pretty much it for now. I'll be posting once or twice (maybe thrice, who knows?) every week. If you want a friend then you got a friend in me. My inbox is always open. (We could fangirl or rant, whichever you prefer, lol!)

So keep smiling, live life, and you'll be reading more of me soon.


©2018 by Leena Althekair.