I'm Publishing My Debut Novel!

Okay, major news. HUGE ACTUALLY. So you may or may not know I've been writing for a long time (you probably don't) but I was! And I can't believe that *inhale* I'm actually. Publishing. My. First. Book!!!

This is insane. AAAHHH! My own novel? No way. Super insane. I really cannot get a grip on this. I've been dreaming for six years - since 2012 - and now, it's so close I can almost smell the freshly printed scent of paper ...

What is it about? Gosh, I'm glad you asked!

Foreshadow is about a girl, Meghan, who is thrown into the chaotic life of a freshman, including all the preexisting troubles of any teen. What she didn't bargain for was an accident in her brother's lab, which leads her first year of high school more downhill than it already was. Full of laughs, tears and a little envy, Foreshadow will hit the stores in a few weeks, so don't miss out on the adventure hidden between the pages of a fantastic tale ...

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I guess that's all for now. Well, for this post, at least. Who knows what'll come with my dream coming true and my book on the way?


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