Monthly Book Recommendations: March 2018

This was an idea that popped in my mind mid-February, and I got so excited I made the edit for every month till the end of the year! (Oops ...)

I've been thinking; when I find a really nice book, I want to tell everyone. I want all bookworms out there - much like myself - to read this book and dive into its wonderful pages. Which is why I'm doing this. There are so many beautiful books that deserve to be read (of course, EVERY book deserves to be read!), but here are my personal favorites for this month ...

1- Harry Potter

I've been rereading it last month (I felt like I missed the Wizarding World so much ... the feels!) and honestly I just cannot get over it. Harry Potter is a magical tale that even if you're done reading, you never really are. I highly recommend it if you hadn't read it yet - it's like the Shakespeare of the twenty-first century.

Harry Potter is a young, orphaned boy, who is abused by is aunt and uncle, not to mention his cousin Dudley. On his eleventh birthday, a hairy wizard takes him away to Hogwarts to learn magic and get away from his horrible "family". Oh, the first three books are just a carnival ride. It gets serious in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and trust me, it just keeps getting more intense.

In a way, it also talks about how humanity is so imperfect. Of course, nothing really is perfect, but it's just sad to see what people will do for power, how even people in charge aren't always trustworthy, and sometimes, you need to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself.

A timeless tale, worth the read anytime. Have a look at what people on Goodreads think if you're still not convinced ;) (@jk_rowling)

2- A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares

I adored it. At first, I regretted buying it (say, the first 20 or so pages) but now, I know for a fact that my money was well-spent.

It talked overall about the topic of anxiety and depression, and how it can affect a person's life. Esther, our main character, has a list of the 50 things she's most afraid of. Her once-best friend, Jonah, helps her go through the list one by one. She drags her best friend and twin brother along with her, who are much more open to the idea than she is. Meanwhile, her dad's gone insane, her mom's terrified of bad luck, and her grandfather is meeting Death. Let me tell you, it was pretty rough for Esther.

I adored the book, and immensely. Krystal gave priceless advice - and opened my eyes to how much worse the world really is. I'm not really sure what the genre is, but if you're between the ages of 14 and 18ish 19, 11/10 would recommend. Still skeptical? Check out what Goodreads think. (@km_sutherland)

3. More Than One Way To Be A Girl

Feminism. That's all I have to say. At first, the cover repelled me a little. I don't know why it gave me the feeling of a 4th grade-ish novel. But boy oh boy was I wrong.

Giselle (Zizi) and Loretta are unlikely best friends - Zizi's the popular, girly, fashionable persona while Loretta is the geeky, inconspicuous, "I-don't-care-what-I-look-like" kind of girl. Each girl thinks the other is ridiculous for believing in what she prefers, and thus a dare is made - for them to switch sense of fashion. Loretta has to wear makeup and miniskirts while Zizi must wear hoodies and stop doing anything that makes her ... "her".

Dyan talks mainly about how women are viewed as objects, told what to wear and say and do. She talks about how society sees "pretty girls" as shallow and just created to please, and any other "model" is wrong. Ugly. Unacceptable. It hurt my guts to see how true everything in there was. It gave me empowerment too; I am not existing for someone else. I am living for me and whether I wanted to wear dresses or jeans or leather jackets is nobody's business.

All in all, a must-read for all girls, and I mean all of them. Funny, touching, and absolute perfection all in a paperback. Even saying everything I did say is an understatement. Trust me; Goodreads even agree. (Dyan's Website)

These are the top 3 books for this month! Keep a lookout on April 1st for another 3 (maybe 4) awesome books to read. For now, go to your nearest bookstore and do it. Buy them. If you do regret it, then I'll give you full rights to slap me. Promise.

And until next time, loves.


©2018 by Leena Althekair.