Foreshadow is hitting the stores! As we speak! (Well, write.)

OMG! YOU GUYS! Foreshadow is coming! For those of you in KSA, hang tight for a week. A WEEK! AHHH! For those of you who aren't, here's a hint:

Yes! It's on Amazon! Right now! Have a look:

So if you live anywhere on the planet aside from KSA, go ahead and order it now! I've linked it above.

For whoever does live in KSA, and more particularly in Jeddah, just wait for a week; give or take. I ordered a couple hundred copies and you'll be getting yours personally from me - and if you want, signed, too! (Psst ... there are limited copies! So sign up here and make sure you have yours secured.)

If you're a fan of e-books rather than paperback (even though I find that really weird ... but you do you!), Foreshadow is coming to Kindle on March 25th, so mark your calendars there, too.

(Oh my God. I am a published author. I am a published author. My lifelong dream has finally come true. I am finally a novelist. See, you guys? Dreams do come true. Disney didn't just say a cheesy line in their movies. They truly, really, actually come true. And when they do, it's the best feeling in the world.)

YAY! Foreshadow is out there for the world to read and I couldn't be happier. This is all thanks to Allah and then the two dearest people to my heart - my mom and dad. Not to mention my family, friends and teachers, along with each and every one of you guys who supported be throughout all of this. THANK YOU!

So go ahead! Meghan is waiting to share her tale with all of you, and I'm waiting to take you on a journey between pages of my imagination.

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