Monthly Book Recommendations - June 2018

GUYS. It's June. You know what that means? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN 2 DAYS! AHHHH! In a way, I'm sad, because it means I'm a year closer to adulthood ... *sigh* man, I hate growing up.

But, in another way, it means that it's the day the world was blessed with my existence. (LMAO jk, if anything it's the day everybody wrote their death wills. Just kidding ... maybe.)

ANYWAYS, I didn't read any books last month because I had finals, and then Ramadan began, and there's only one book that I read - the Quran. And honestly, there is no better book. It just fills me with calmness and love and a great feeling ... just looking at its beautiful pages makes me feel content.

That's why I'm bringing back some books I read in 2017 that made me emotional and were literary geniuses. (2017 was a GREAT book year tbh.)

1. The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

It really opened my eyes and made feel different ... learning how people with special needs live. It made me imagine - what would happen if I lost a leg in a car accident?

Jessica loves to run. In fact, running is her life. When she gets in a car accident and looses her leg, you could see and feel the pain she felt, the helplessness she had, and all the other feelings of going from a healthy person to a special needs one.

It's a story about emotion, determination, and that anything if possible if we believe enough. Check it out on Goodreads, too.

2. The Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

This was my very first Agatha Christie novel. If you're into suspense, just go pick it up already!

The book's protagonist (I can't remember her name) moves with her husband to a new house. She keeps getting odd flashbacks and even weirder occurrences whilst living in the house. Consequently, she unearths a murder that nobody wanted anything to do with, risking her and her husband's life in the process.

I'm pretty sure that's enough said. (And here's the Goodreads link, too.)

3. War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Ah, if you knew me then you'd know we read this novel in 7th grade, heh! I don't know what my classmates would think, but honestly, I loved the novel so much I reread it last November.

Joey, our horse protagonist, was drunkenly bought as a filly by an angry farmer, then lovingly adopted by his son, Albert. Not many years later, World War I had ensued, and Joey was sold to the British cavalry. He kept moving from owner to owner, lost in between the empty lands of war. Will he ever live - let alone return - to see his precious Albert?

An amazing novel, really. Moved all my emotions and kept me hooked throughout. If you've watched the movie, I don't care; go read it! It conveys so much emotion and I'd say it definetly comes as one of my faves. Goodreads agree.

Well, that's all for this month's book recommendations. Next month though, you'll be likely faced with a great new book I plan to read in a few weeks (or maybe a fanfiction or two, because why not?)

Also, remind me to eat cake on June 3rd. And sing "happy birthday" to myself. Hey - who's gonna love me if I don't love me?

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And until next time, darlings!


©2018 by Leena Althekair.