Monthly Book Recommendations - August 2018

Hey guys! This month's book recommendations are a little ... different.

Recently all the books I've read were kind of meh, so I wouldn't really recommend them at the moment. However, there are some books that shaped me greatly when I first fell in love with reading.

Which brings us to this month's recommendations - beginner edition. I will show you the top 3 books that you can make any kid love to read. It's how I became obsessed with novels anyway.

So if you want your little sister, cousin, or future daughter to become as a huge bookworm as you are, then make sure to stack these novels (novellas, really) into their bookshelves.

1. St. Clare's by Enid Blyton

This series were the first ever novels I ever read. EVER. My dad had taken me out book shopping (I still so clearly remember that day) for the first time.

It talks about your usual English boarding school, and the adventure of haughty twins as they are brought down-to-earth by this school. From midnight feasts to playing pranks on the teachers and staying up late, this book had nine-year-old me hooked from cover to cover.

I read it again recently (got a little nostalgic) and it didn't fail me. Enid Blyton's books in general were the basics of my childhood, such as Malory Towers (my favorite), the Magic Faraway Tree, the Mysterious Five, and all other series she had to offer.

I. Read. Them. All. So just go ahead and google her and her works - all of them are worth a million reads. Why don't you read them, too? I reread them recently and let me tell you, even if it's a kid novel the writing is gorgeous. (My personal fave is Malory Towers. A literary gorgeous masterpiece.)

2. Girls Can Vlog by Emma Moss

So I never personally read this one, but Jana (my little sister - she was 10 at the time) read it and begged me to as well. It didn't really grasp my attention, but she says it has a positive protagonist role model and a great plot. Take it from the words of an actual fifth grader!

It's about a girl who has to move countries and is finding it very hard when she's embarrassed at first. She has to deal with a terrible stammer and the shame of having a video go viral - not in the good way. Her friend recommends making her own videos - aka vlogs - and she gives it a shot and finds herself viral - in a good way this time.

Here is Emma Moss's website if you wanna check her out, and the Goodreads link to see what everybody had to say about it.

3. My Sister the Vampire by Sienna Mercer

This book was my fifth to seventh grade obsession - no exaggeration. Eighteen books in the series (!!!) and I had lived the stress of waiting for a book to come out. Spoiler: it's no fun. Okay, maybe a little.

It tells us the story of two identical twins separated at birth. But not because of divorce. Nope. Because Ivy, the older twin, is a vampire. Or more of that Olivia is human and cannot survive a vampire household.

They accidentally run into each other at the first day of school, and the last thing that perfectly pink cheerleader expects is for goth introvert to be her twin sister. But nevertheless, they become as thick as thieves and their journey takes off from there and to who knows where?

Check out Sienna's Goodreads page here, and see what reviewers have to say about it, too. Spoiler alert! Her books are an amazing read!

And that's pretty much my recommendations for kids novels! I'm sure if God blesses me with daughter(s) they're reading all of my childhood favorites!

(AND DEAR GOD I HOPE I READ GOOD BOOKS THIS MONTH! I literally read four novels - none of which I liked. Honestly ... sigh.)

What's the first novel you've read, though? Is it still a favorite?


©2018 by Leena Althekair.