Summer To-Do List

I am back!

How are you? Late Eid Mubarak!

I hope Ramadan has been fruitful and beneficial for you! Even if the Holy Month is over, let's try to continue reading Quran, making duas, giving charity, helping our parents, and filling our time with good deeds!

Summer has officially begun and I couldn't be more excited.

(Aesthetic wallpaper for your device ... I already made it mine lol.)

Anyway, as the greatest inventors of our generation said, "the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend [summer vacation]."

So if you aren't like Phineas and Ferb and don't enjoy building a rocket, fighting a mummy, or climbing up the Eiffel Tower, discovering something that doesn't exist, or giving a monkey a shower, then this blog post should help you figure out how to spend summer in the best way possible!


- Practice a Hobby

I know it might sound pretty basic, but hear me out.

I haven't had time to draw all of March/April because I was packed between last-minute projects and finals' preparations. And it took me until now to realize how much I've missed holding a pencil and doodling an ugly sketch I'm proud of.

What is it that you love? Drawing? Or is it splashing colors on a pale canvas to bring it to life? Giving meaning to an empty page with words and stories? Dancing? Baking? Crafting? Photography? Pick the one thing you love and crave to do the most that you weren't able to all year, and do just that.

Also, let us try and incorporate exercising into our daily routine slash hobby list. Working out is very important to living a healthy, happy, long life inshAllah.


- Read Your Books

If you're a bookworm like me, it's time to catch up on your TBR pile and nail that Goodreads challenge!

In all honesty, though, I've missed reading. Being lost in a world entirely different, the turn of events, the intricate telling of a universe wholly different from mine ...


Go read my book recommendations on Goodreads, or scroll through your favorite genre to find a new book, or stick with the classics. (If you're truly desperate, BookTok also works.) Whatever you love to read.


- Watch a Movie

Yeah, I'm not one of those "no-screen in summer" advocates. Sure, limit your screen time. Don't burn your poor retinas and give your sobbing brain an ache from staring at a flaming, electrical surface for long.

But whatch two or three episodes of your favorite show. Watch a movie with tons of homemade popcorn (tastes better than the bagged deal - trust me.)

From rom-coms to sci-fi action (ahem, Endgame *sob*), whatever you crave to watch is yours without any interruptions from sudden homeworks or essays to turn in. Ideal, isn't it?


- Purge the Closet

Everybody needs to do a little spring, or in this case, summer cleaning.

What I like to do is completely emptying my closet before wiping it clean. (Oh and #LifeHack, use the same hanger for all your clothes to save closet space!) After that, I decide which clothes I'd like to keep, the ones I haven't worn in a while, and those I don't want or are worn out. Then the unwanted clothes are donated!

You could also do that to any part of your living space. Your study desk (donating last year's books is a great feeling - especially seeing them out the door to never return!) or kitchen closet, maybe even change the living room arrangement.

Trust me, there's nothing more fun than a simple renovation done all by yourself.


- Try a DIY

You know those 1-minute Instagram videos with weird but oddly useful DIYs and all? Or those short recipes that look heavenly?

It's about time you do something with all those saved posts!

Go into the kitchen and try a new recipe - even better if you aren't a cook, you'll have way more fun! I once tried mashing a waffle with a pancake recipe and somehow ended with CrepeCakes - a recipe I shared on this blog the moment I discovered it.

(I wonder why it isn't a trend, huh.)

Recently my sister and I made a dollhouse out of cardboard for our baby sister. It turned out as the ugliest, most colorful house ever and it couldn't have been more fun.


- Take a Course

Two of my friends have been wanting to learn Korean for as long as I've known them. Another friend of mine wants to design clothes. My advice to them was always "Do it during summer." No school interruptions at all to cut between you and the language or skill or subject you've been wanting to learn. My sister and I started learning a new language, and I also started self-teaching myself programming!

Besides self-learning, there are many online courses or YT videos to help you as well.

You can also look for local summer camps - my friend told me of an art camp she once went to, and now? Heck, she wins awards for her paintings. (And I couldn't be more proud *wipes tear*)

Invest in yourself with something you love!


- Invite Your Friends

Get off that phone and see your friends in real life!

Maybe you prefer to meet outside, at a restaurant or park. Personally, my friends and I like gathering in a house in which one of us has invited the rest of us. Way more comfortable.

Oh, another idea! Take turns inviting each other over every few weeks! And every person could bring a food item with her to make it easier for the host.

Friends are always fun to be around, and school ending shouldn't stop you guys seeing each other, should it? >:)


- Help Out Mom!

All year long our moms have been carrying most of the weight to give us time to study, and if not, well, they're still working their butts off.

Take a few minutes of your time to take a couple of chores off her shoulders. A small act a day could mean so much to her - even if she doesn't verbally say it, in her heart you might not know how huge your good deeds pile has become.

(Plus, it gives room for a mother-child talk. We could always use one, right? Whether it's to rant about a minor inconvenience that's been bothering you or tea between your cousins, moms are always great to talk to.)

Also are #BestAdviceGivers, amirite?


These are just a few ideas that I have on my list this summer and plan (and hope!) to go over.

What do you have in mind? Share them in the comments below so others can benefit as well! (And by others it also means me ehehehe.)

Leave a like, as a birthday gift for me. Yes, it's my birthday today. Yes, I'm 18 now. Yes, it's a huge deal. Yes, I'll be posting about it soon. Subscribe to know when!

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