Synonyms: The Backbone of Writing

Okay for some reason I thought of the words "synonym rolls"as I wrote this title ...

Anyways, hey guys! This post's gonna be talking about synonyms (not cinnamon) and how to choose the perfect word for your writing.


Now, to begin, here's a list of words that often very useful.

As you know, "very ___" is very basic. Sometimes, the "very" alone cannot (or will not) give the reader the meaning or message you have in mind. More complex words, sometimes less complex, convey a better understanding.

Imagine the sentence "The very smelly attic gave Sam the feeling of home and a little nausea."

Let's use the list and replace "very smelly" with "pungent", making the sentence "The pungent attic gave Sam the feeling of home and a little nausea."

Not only does the sentence look better written, it coveys the idea that the attic was so horrible-scented, you can almost smell it.

And just like that, a simple list like the above one I found on Pinterest can make a huge difference.


The second idea is using rare or deeper words for more common words, such as angry, happy, or sad.

If you were to say "She was happy she won the award", the reader would understand that she was, well, happy.

BUT, if you wrote "She was joyful she won the award" or "She was ecstatic she won the award", the meaning delivered will let the reader know she was beyond happy; that she was jumping from joy, using only one word replacement.

Take "I was surprised at how she could lie so easily" and "I was perplexed at how she could lie so easily" - they both have extremely different meanings!

Magic, isn't it?


So when writing, make sure to look at all synonyms of the word. But, then again, sometimes using an easy word is better.

For example, "Mohammed was detested by the smell of the class." Try "Mohammed was disgusted by the smell of the class." - it fits the context more.

Of course, there are websites for this. has the definitions of all the synonyms it brings up, for you to make sure that the synonym is exactly what you want. is also another source whose primary function is finding other words for words. It's also helpful if you know the idea of the word you want to use, but not the word itself.

You can alway resort to Google and just type in the search bar "synonyms for ___" - works like a gem!

Here's another useful Image I use pretty often;


Another word we most commonly need synonyms for is "said". I talk about this more in-depth on my other blog post, How to Write Interesting Dialogues ("Said" is overrated.)

Plus, here's yet another useful image!


In conclusion, synonyms are the backbone of writing! Make sure to explore all words if a sentence has something missing, and don't hesitate to experiment with everything - you can always backspace.

And on an unrelated note, what's your favorite word?' Mine's "incoherently". For some reason I find it satisfying to say.

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