WALL-E is a MASTERPIECE of a movie and here's why.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Alright, buckle up because I was making eggs for myself when I thought, “Hey, Wall-E is a cinematic and literary masterpiece that nobody talks about quite enough - I should rant about that and explain why.”

[I say literary because the story is SO well-written and as an author I have to appreciate that. I say cinematic because the animation??? Scenes??? Lighting??? Sounds??? oh my god it’s all so perfect and-]

Anyway, guess what I’ll do?

Yep. I’ll rant about that and explain why.

(It’s probably been done before but whatever! Listen!!!)


So, most of gen-z is familiar with the very adorable Pixar movie, where a trash robot falls in love with a fancy robot and an evil robot tries to prevent humans from going back to earth because it’s now a literal dumpster.

[Pretty cool poster for the 10′s. Released June 21, 2008.]


*cracks knuckles* *pulls a nerve* (ow. shouldn’t have done that.)



Well, it’s obvious - earth is dead. It’s been evacuated because we humans have trashed it so much it became uninhabitable, and us being the very good species we are, left it all - including the other species that never asked for any of this - and escaped into space.

(Running away from problems at its finest.)

[It’s not a city - it’s trash.]

Now, the reason this is relevant nowadays is because, well, Earth is dying. Not necessarily by the piling of trash in cities mainly, but rather by the result of that mindless trash removal - and consequently, with many other factors, global warming.

Ocean levels are rising. Coral reefs are dying. The ozone layer is depleting and all kinds of cancers are happening everywhere. (Cancer is a result of cell mutation. Mutations’ main causes are radiation!!! Also an unhealthy diet, and we’ll get to that in a bit.)

I don’t want to dive into politics too much but the United Nations’ Secretary General stated in Dec 2019 that we have to act within the next 12 months or that’s going to be it for us.

Plastics in the ocean, oil spills, trees being recklessly cut down - they all take part in this.


The way the movie shows that; the scenes, ideas, concept - besides foreshadowing, it’s just gut-wrenching. The long shot where earth as we know it is gone.



That’s right - us. The lumps of lazy crap that are taking the world by storm and coming up with inventions to work for us and lessen using our own bodies.

Shame, shame.

Humans have then descended into being transporting meats that look at screens all day. I mean, we are already - we’re just in the noob stage.

[According to The Film Theorists, I do NOT want to know what’s in these cups.]

And back to my point about an unhealthy diet being another cause for cancer - the exponential growth in cancer patients recently only proves an already known fact - we’re VERY unhealthy.

And no, I’m not talking about eating a salad and having gluten-free organic tofu burgers.

I’m talking about fast food that’s 80% trans fat, fruits and vegetables genetically enhanced and processed to look better, chickens and cows living in a very unhealthy close proximity increasing chances of diseases in us.

I’ll say it - business ruined our health.

For the sake of making a product cheaper or better-looking, businesses think “Hey! We should totally do this and even though the results may be lethal for the people who consume this, at least we’ll make money!”

Also, we walk less. We move less. We have online shopping for everything, we barely leave the house - heck, even jobs are now remote. Our heart needs the movement, our brain needs the oxygen. But do we provide it?

This post is not about leading a healthy lifestyle (although writing one is probably a good idea) but THIS is what Wall-E portrays quite incredibly as well. Humans are now drinking things just to keep them alive for a while - you never see old people in the movie.

(Obesity rates are up by 70% in adults and 80% in children! CHILDREN are now overweight!)


[This is just here for cute purposes.]

So what Wall-E does is show us where we will be - shake us awake before we follow the (hopefully not) inevitable hole we’re digging ourselves.

And it does it so magnificently I cannot help but just!!!!!

(The Lorax was also awesome at doing this but maybe save it for another post!)

[Tiny teeny plant.]

And I think it’s just not hyped enough. It needs to be talked about like the Bee Movie or The Avengers or something.

Because it reminds us of where we’re headed.

And reminds us of why it’s bad.

And reminds us that we need to take a new, better direction.

And all that we need to do to begin is just that - begin. Be the change and the rest of the world will follow.

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