Welcome to my cozy corner of the WWW.

You were scrolling through the internet and somehow ended up on my blog. Was it a friend's suggestion? Was it on your Twitter feed? Was it accidental? However the method was, you ended up here, so hello!

If you're an old friend coming back, hello to you too! Either way, I think an introduction is in order ...

My name's Leena, I live in Saudi Arabia and I love reading, writing, and art. You can learn the more "technical" parts about me in the "About" tab. But here let me introduce myself as a fellow human! (I promise I'm not an extra-terrestrial form of life. I am a fan of them, yes, but not one myself.)

The main reason I decided to start writing my own blog is because there is so much I want to get out there; so many thoughts and ideas I want to share with the world - as cheesy as that line sounds.

There's no particular topic I'll be focusing on. As a writer, I plan to share advice, personal experience, prompts, etc. As a sister and daughter, there will be posts to split your sides from laughter and life hacks to survive a crazy household. As a student, I will share my studying tips and tricks, not to mention tales from my not-so-glamorous school life.

My posting schedule is currently once every two weeks, so keep an eye out for that! (Or subscribe to get updates straight in your inbox. Let's be honest, that's way easier.)

ONTO THE MEAT OF THIS POST (a popular Arabic idiom meaning "main idea of __") - what is the internet?

Is it but an abyss of meaningless jumble of knowledge and memes? Or is it an inescapable vortex of brainwashing? Is it both?!

Back when the internet was first invented, its purpose was - like many other inventions - for military purposes. (Source: my very wise and knowledgable father.)

An organization called DARPA established it to securely communicate. Many years later it was opened for commercial use. An explosion of popularity lead an unbelievable amount of information to be uploaded on "the Web", making it a valuable and luxury tool for many.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Internet is something that the world heavily relies on. Seriously, especially with COVID-19, the net is the basis for all business, schools, and communication everywhere. Imagine this worldwide crisis with no Internet whatsoever.

So, what it is?

Like any gen-z kid out there my first answer is memes. Memes everywhere. It certainly seems that the internet exists for the main purpose of memes and cat videos. Arguably, that is a very common purpose.

But the conclusion I reached after very thoughtful pondering is that it's the media. Social networking is the main distributer and birth-giver of memes. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and countless more! (Not to forget the man, the myth, the legend, Vine. RIP.)

The Internet itself is more focused around communication. We communicate memes, we communicate business stocks, we communicate with our families. We INETRact via the NET that connects us all. (That was cheesy. Very, very cheesy. But I still make a point!)

So the internet may be a waste of time, but it's also one of the, if not the NUMBER ONE, most important component of our modern life.

Philosophical Leena is now signing off. Stay home, wash your hands, and stay happy!

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