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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Read the first word again.

(I gave you a blast from 2015, right? Lol, these posts were everywhere.)


Have you ever felt bad? Not because you did something, but about yourself? Not pretty? Too skinny? Too chubby? Too smart? Not smart enough? Too awkward? Too inferior? Have you ever felt ... like you were just not meant to exist at all?


Before I continue, here's a cheesy uplifting image to make you smile.

You may deny it, but it's true. YOU is the best thing you can be.

In today's society, it feels like we're supposed to change ourselves to meet some unspoken "standards". You're supposed to have perfect hair, a perfect body, say the right things, like the right things. There's literally an unspoken rule for everything.

You might feel like there's so much wrong with you that if you could just change it you'd be "perfect".

Change is good. Change is better if it's for the better. I'm not saying don't change. I'm saying that if you want to change, do it for YOURSELF, and for nobody else.


We worry about appearances too much.

No thigh gap? You're beautiful.

Thigh gap? Still beautiful.

Curly hair? Talk about a volume queen.

Straight hair? You can do anything with it - GORGEOUS.

Acne? It's normal, we've all been there.

Weird face? Well, your mother finds it beautiful!

Flat stomach? Queen.

Not-flat stomach? Still a queen.

Dark complexion? Your vibes are unmatched.

Light completion? You're so pretty!

Short? Adorable.

Tall? Adorable.

Average height? You get the best of both worlds!

Whatever it is, your long fingers, chubby face, awkward legs, abnormally small ears, big nose - you're PERFECT. Allah created you this way and this way is perfect for you. There's only one person like you and that alone is amazing.

There's no such thing as underweight or overweight when it comes to appearances. Yes, you might need to get healthier, but you're getting healthier for YOU! So YOU can feel better and happier and live longer. Do you want to gain a few kilos? Do it, but for yourself. Do you want to shed a few kilos? Do it, but only for YOU. Because you WANT to. Don't change your looks or hair or anything because "people" say it looks "better".

You want to change, be healthier, whatever; do it. But only because you want to. If you don't wanna change, then forget about everyone!

All bodies are "perfect", and yours is too.


Sometimes, we unconsciously change our personalities to fit in. Pretend to know something, get into a certain trend, etc ...

I went through it. I completely changed myself back in sixth grade. My beliefs, my ideas, my independent thought; I let all of that go just because I wanted to fit in so badly.

I wasn't me.

All through sixth and seventh grade, I didn't know the Leena my friends saw. But when eight grade came along, I found myself surrounded with people who actually loved me for me. With my quirks and flaws and idiotic attitude and everything. They loved the Leena they met, not the Leena they wanted. It was the most liberating feeling ever, and I found that being me was much more comfortable.

I realized that it felt weird, to have to change myself to be loved. But seeing my new friends there, and they liked me because I was simply me, I felt like for the first time in a long time I was having fun again.

The moral of this story is to not change yourself to please someone.

If they don't like your personality the way it is then they're not worth your time! Friendship is about support and trust - how can you trust someone who doesn't like all your flaws, your bad moments, your ups and downs and your laughs and jokes?

Your laugh is cute. Your smile lights up the room. Your jokes are terrible but they still make others' day. The way you talk is just great. Your walk, your comments, your interests, your style - it's all amazing. Some people are just not right for you and can't see that beautiful side of you.


In conclusion, you are great because you are you. Don't let anyone take that away from you.

If you love yourself, the whole world will too. Self love is important.

Nobody is worth you burying yourself to become what they want, alright?


In the end, I want you to promise yourself you'll at least try to learn to love yourself if you can't immediately accept yourself. I'm still there too! I try to love myself but sometimes I can't help but cry at night and wish I was somebody else. That's okay, as long as you get back up again and grow stronger.

I don't want this to be a classic, self love post. I want you to reread it as many times as you want, and as much as you can, until you realize that you are worth everything.

Send this to every person you know, or someone you know who is struggling with their self-image. Maybe along with a comment of your favorite trait of theirs! Making them smile will probably change their day completely, not to mention make them smile!

See if you could help others feel empowered; we are all there, regardless of what you see. Everyone has felt insecure at some point, and that's normal. Try to be a better, self-loving you, and help others get there too!

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